About Us

Padnus.com is one of the best educational portal that acts as a time saving connector between students and the colleges. Padnus.com is developed in order for searching colleges in Nepal (Prefereably in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, lalitpur, Butwal, Chitwan, and Pokhara). It notify learners with a broad range of services to help them find their required universities in Nepal and to create fresh skills and bridge their gap in the globe of recognition and difficulties.

It is established for those students who wants to pursue their higher studies in Nepal having National and International Degrees without travelling abroad. This program allows all graduates and undergraduates

to get attached with colleges and universities over Nepal based on their interest, decisions, including additional operations like hostel accommodation especially for those away from home/outside valley looking for safe, inexpensive and better place to stay with a companion.

Our objective is to help develop the upcoming generation to offer the ultimate educational study platform for students and learners of their desired universities. We aim to assist learners save valuable time, enhance their abilities and learn about various opportunity and possibilities.