Find Out the Best Hostels to Settle Down one of the very informative website that not only helps you finding the best colleges in Nepal but also it helps you to find the best hostels in Nepal. “Kathmandu” being the capital city, it has the best and highest level education in Nepal. However, most of the colleges do not have their own student hostels. This is why many learners in the town are looking for the finest hostels close to the schools area.

 Hostel in general is the second home for those away from home. Hostel is a place where we find comfort and facility like homemade food, clean room and restroom, laundry services and security with a minimum of one dorm room with a common space.

Here at after researching we have filtered and listed well-facilitated (well managed rooms, hygienic food, utility service, laundry, free internet, computer and printing services) Girls hostel and Boys Hostel (Accommodation) nearest to your search. If you are a new comer and is having problem finding the best hostel, this is the right place to search. We also have listed the hostels according to their name, address, phone number, ratings and their services so that you can choose and confirm the best one. This way you can save lot of your time and energy. helps you find the best place for your higher education as well as shelter for completing your study. is not only beneficial for students only as it is beneficial for those who are new in the city and are searching for the place like home to settle down. As will make the people ease and comfortable for finding the place to settle down and move toward their career options without any sort of difficulties. also help an employee to find the place where they can be treated like a home. As not everyone wants to stay alone in the room by doing all their stuff alone as more of them want to stay at place where they feels like a home as hostel will be the place where they will got the facilities like that of home. And will helps you find the best hostels around Kathmandu with their contact information and other detailed information regarding hostels.