Know about Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)

Know about Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)

Bachelor of Information (BIM) the mixed course of management and Information Technology. As the courses contain 60% IT and 40 % management courses. BIM one of the popular courses which is run by Tribhuwan University, or we can say TU affiliated course.  Bachelor of information is the 4 years course with eight semesters. By help of this courses you can grab knowledge of both Management and IT, as it will helps you become expert in both IT as well as management task.  There are various best colleges in Nepal for studying Bachelor of Information Management.

As this generation is the generation of information technology. In order to manage all those technical things there is necessary to have management knowledge. With the aim of making students capable of performing IT task and to manage them in a proper way this courses BIM has been introduced. BIM is proved to be one of the best course for your Higher education.  This course combined many of the other courses like Economics, Computer Science, Management, Sociology, Accounting, and Psychology in order to form a single course as Bachelor of Information Management (BIM).

Requirements for studying Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)

As in order to study TU affiliated course you need to attend CMAT preparation exam. The admission are approved on the basis of CMAT exams, your grades and interview. As students are selection includes 60% of CMAT marks, 30% of your grades and 10% from the interview. The requirements to study BIM are:

  • You need to score minimum 40 marks in CMAT entrance Examination
  • You need to have scored second division minimum 40% or 1.8 GPA in your 10+2 level
  • Migration certificate of 10+2

Only shortlisted students are selected as there will be seat for around 60-64 students in each college.

Courses to study in order to complete BIM                     

As you need to study 42 subjects in total, as each subject has got 3 credit hours. And 2 of them is project as one is summer project and another is internship report as they also have got 3 credit hours.

First Semester 15 Credit Hours

  1. ENG 201: English - I
  2. IT 211: Computer Information System
  3. IT 212: Digital Logic Design
  4. MGT 201: Principles of Management
  5. MTH 201: Basic Mathematics

Second Semester 15 Credit Hours

  1. IT 213: Structured Programming
  2. IT 214: Data Communication and Computer Network
  3. MGT 204: Business Communications
  4. MTH 202: Discrete Mathematics
  5. SOC 201: Sociology for Business

Third Semester 15 Credit Hours

  1. ACC 201: Financial Accounting
  2. IT 215: Web Technology-I
  3. IT 216: Java Programming-I
  4. IT 217: Computer Organization
  5. STT 201: Business Statistics

Fourth Semester 15 Credit Hours

  1. ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting
  2. ECO 201: Microeconomics
  3. IT 218: Data Structure and Algorithm with Java
  4. IT 219: Web Technology - II
  5. IT 220: Database Management System

Fifth Semester 15 Credit Hours

  1. ECO 202: Macroeconomics
  2. IT 221: Computer Graphics
  3. IT 222: Java Programming - II
  4. IT 223: Advanced Internet Working
  5. MKT 201: Fundamentals of Marketing

Sixth Semester 18 Credit Hours

  1. FIN 201: Business Finance
  2. IT 224: Software Engineering
  3. IT 225: Computer Security and Cyber Law
  4. IT 351: Summer Project
  5. MGT 202: Human Resource Management
  6. MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal

Seventh Semester 18 Credit Hours

  1. IT 226: Management Information System
  2. IT 227: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  3. IT 228: Artificial Intelligence
  4. MGT 203: Organizational Behavior
  5. MGT 205: Operations Management
  6. MGT 208: Business Strategy

Eighth Semester 15 Credit Hours

  1. IT 229: IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management
  2. IT 230: Economics of Information and Communication
  3. Elective I
  4. Elective II
  5. IT 350: Internship