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APEX College, established in 2000 AD and affiliated to Pokhara University, is a modern dynamic institution that blends rigorous academic pursuits with highly relevant, focused and skill-based courses to suit to the demand of various stakeholders in the job market. Quality education with student-centered teaching-learning approach, outstanding facilities, ample co-curricular activities, job placement and other academic services are the hallmarks of Apex's educational philosophy. In Bachelors level, Apex College is offering BBA, BBA-BI, BBA-TT and BCIS program. In Masters level the college is offering MBA and MBA Evening program.

Apex College believes in application-oriented education and activity-based learning. The student-centered learning environment at Apex facilities students to explore their own team-based learning opportunities. These teams help development of inter-personal skills through interaction and active participation in co-curricular activities and social services such as blood donations, dental camps, and donations to old-age homes, orphanages and flood victims.

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Bachelor Of Information Management- Banking and Insurance(BBA-BI)

Pokhara University
4 year

BBA- BI is a four-year, 120 credit hour program of Pokhara University. It prepares you especially for the careers in banking, finance and insurance. Recognizing the breadth and depth of an academic program, it comprises of the core and elective components.

The BBA-BI curriculum provides you a sound understanding of contemporary management and develops your communication, interpersonal, leadership and IT skills required to succeed in today’s competitive global environment. It also significantly develops your analytical skills required in banking and insurance industry through various practical assignments and project works.

It gradually takes you to concentrate on the areas of banking and insurance. Designed to provide concepts and practices of modern banking and insurance, it also deals with the environmental forces that affect banking and insurance business in Nepal.

Along with the course work, the BBA-BI curriculum requires you to complete an internship program and one summer project to graduate from the program.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Pokhara University
4 years

BBA is a four-year, 120 credit hour bachelor level management curriculum of Pokhara University. The curriculum aims to provide you a very strong foundation of mathematics, economics and other social sciences during the first two years of the program. It then broadens your understanding of the concepts and issues of management and the broader environmental context within which a business operates.

Gradually, you will learn key roles and functions of marketing, operations, finance and human resource management, and interaction and integration of these functions towards attaining the organizational goals.

The BBA program also offers opportunity to deepen your knowledge and sharpens your skills in particular areas of your interest through concentration courses. It helps you attain a very sound foundation in a particular field that ultimately will be instrumental for your further studies and career options.
You can concentrate in any one of the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship

In addition to concentration courses, you are required to complete two more courses (6 credits) from the list of non-business electives. Elective courses aim to broaden your knowledge in areas other than the business.

The BBA program not only broadens and deepens your understanding and knowledge of business, management and environment, it also strengthens your communication, interpersonal, leadership and IT skills through various practical works.

You are also required to complete an internship program (3 credits) and a Project Work (3 credits) to be a BBA graduate. The internship program aims to develop your understanding of how real life organizations function and it enhances your skills of how to apply the concepts and knowledge learnt in classroom in real life situations. The project involves fieldwork and its empirical analysis. Students must follow the prescribed formats to prepare such reports. Besides this, students also need to do internships in business organizations for six to eight weeks.

Bachelor of computer Information System(BCIS)

Pokhara University
4 years

BCIS is a four-year, 126 credit hour curriculum of Pokhara University. The curriculum aims to integrate the concepts and practices of management with information systems and technology. It prepares you to develop a complete and integrated management information system required by today’s organizations to make informed decisions on time. The curriculum introduces you the contemporary concepts, issues, and practices of management, and leads you to enhance your knowledge and skills of information systems and technology which you need to develop a management information system.

The curriculum also offers you an opportunity to select two elective courses, equivalent to 6 credit hours, to meet your personal interest and career aspiration. Apart from coursework, you are also required to complete one internship, one major project (3 credits) and two minor projects (1 credit and 2 credits) to graduate from the BCIS program.


Pokhara University
4 years

BBA-TT is a four year, 123 credit hours program of Pokhara University. The curriculum develops your understanding of business, environment and contemporary management. It also offers a number of opportunities to strengthen your management skills: communication, interpersonal, leadership, IT and research skills that are required to succeed in today’s global environment. It then leads you to specialize on the area of travel and tourism. During the program, you are required to complete one internships and one major project work. Finally, you need to select and complete two courses as electives to graduate from the BBA- TT program.


Master of Business Administration

Pokhara University
2 years

Through our integrated MBA curriculum combined with a variety of learning methods, you learn more than a set of management skills. You learn a new way of looking at the world, business and yourself. You broaden your perspective as you learn the cross-functional way today’s organizations work. You learn how to utilize resources and skills to solve problems. Through many concentrations and electives, it helps you deepen your expertise in the area of your professional interest. You learn to understand complex problems and solve them creatively.


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Admissions open in BCIS, BBA, BBA-BI, and BBA-TT

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