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We promote entrepreneurial spirit through progressive education. We love shaking things up, trying new ideas and challenging stereotypical norms.

We believe real learning happens when you get your hands dirty. It’s not only about classrooms, books, or examinations, but it’s also about understanding the real life problems and finding innovative solutions. We, thus seek students who are productively noisy, who are not afraid of asking questions and who love getting their hands dirty. We are guided by the philosophy that students learn best when they are connected to the social realities outside the four walls of classrooms.

This belief is also manifested in our teaching model and curriculum, based on the continuous assessment system. This is a rigorous, challenging, yet adventurous system which empowers students to acquire both academic proficiency and entrepreneurial mindset.

Besides entrepreneurship, we also encourage students to pursue their careers in business and inspire them to follow their passion in other fields. Regardless of the fields they choose, we guide them to inquire, innovate, and find solutions.

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BBA Classic

Westcliff University
4 years

King’s College offers a 4 year BBA program for students who want to specialize in Marketing, Finance or Human Resource Management. The Bachelor of Business Administration encourages students to achieve the following educational objectives:

  • Differentiate and discuss the functional components of business – economics, marketing, accounting, finance, law, and management.
  • Apply and demonstrate oral and written communication skills.
  • Utilize current information technology to support business decision-making.
  • Illustrate the value of diversity when developing a global perspective.
  • Use independent, critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify problems and apply problem-solving abilities.
  • Employ a sense of ethics and values which can be applied in a personal and professional environment.

BBA Digital Marketing

Westcliff University
4 years

BBA Digital Marketing program at King’s college prepares students for the exciting world of digital media in Nepal by providing them practical knowledge and skills required for effective communication in the digital sphere.  The students completing this course should be able to formulate marketing strategies to complement the traditional mix and adopt emerging digital channels for improved holistic marketing communications.

BBA in digital marketing at King’s college will create exciting careers for creative and talented graduates needed to start your own business in digital marketing, social media marketing.

BBA Investment and Economics

Westcliff University
4 years

Everywhere in the country, entrepreneurship is a buzzword and most of the youngsters in Nepal are lured to establish their own enterprise. The major challenges they face are either with financial/investment decisions or the economic situation of the country. Therefore, this course intends:

  • To provide a broad knowledge of the functional aspects of a company including the development of practical managerial, communications and business decision-making skills.
  • To assist in implementing theories in real life situation by imparting practical knowledge in business, economics, and investment
  • And, to use the complex economic and econometric models very easily for the day-to-day business decision making

MBA Agribusiness

Westcliff University
2 years

According to the International Labour Organization, agriculture provides livelihoods for 68 percent of Nepal’s population, accounting for 34 percent of the GDP. Nepal government is emphasizing commercializing agricultural production.

Agriculture has a tremendous potential in Nepal and Nepal needs professionals who can contribute to agribusiness revolution. This MBA –Agribusiness program is a response to this growing need of professionals. The basic objective of this course is to create a platform to motivate and provide systematic guidance to the students to realize their dreams as agri-preneurs.

MBA Nonprofit

Westcliff University
2 years

MBA Nonprofit brings forward an entrepreneurial and managerial approach to create, manage and grow sustainable high impact nonprofit in a broader socio-economic context of Nepal. We aim to develop an empathetic, socially conscious, innovative and self-aware individual for nonprofit startups, social enterprises, non-governmental organizations, foundations, corporate social responsibility projects, public-private enterprises and social businesses of Nepal and beyond.

MBA Classic

West Cliff
2 years

A two-year program that prepares students for careers in business management and leadership in both the private and public sectors. It provides the students with a solid, comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of business, the global environment in which they will function, the analytical tools for intelligent decision-making opportunity to gain further functional expertise through specialization courses. The MBA program will provide students and professionals the knowledge and skillset to

  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate the knowledge acquired through research and apply it to practical business situations
  • Integrate formal academic learning with individual business experience so that meaningful personalized learning takes place;
  • Think analytically and globally within a business environment; and
  • Develop a motivation for and appreciate the wisdom of acquiring lifelong learning.

MBA Entrepreneurship

West Cliff University
2 years

As the pioneer in offering MBA Entrepreneurship degree in Nepal, King’s College believes that entrepreneurship is the key to unlock the vast potential of the resources that Nepal has to offer.  During the program, students will be exposed to various issues faced by a venture starting from pre-venture, start-up to growth, and maturity. In addition, students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset and well-rounded skillset that is highly valued in established corporations also.


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