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Ever since its establishment in 1991, Oxford Secondary School has secured a recognized place among Nepal’s reputed schools and colleges with its dedication of the highest education standards. It stimulates students’ creative and critical thinking power, and heightens their moral sensitivity through its curriculum execution, value education and extra-curricular.

It encourage them to be the seekers of truth and to take responsibility as alert of the world in order to face tough competition posed by the fast growing knowledge of science and technology and that of management.

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Ten Plus Two (+2) Humanities

National Examination Board (NEB)
2 Years

Plus two in Humanities is a foundation level course. It is for those students who want to pursue their undergraduates on mass communication, sociology, English and other related field of interest. Under the National Examination Board (NEB), the Humanities and Social Sciences stream is a two year plus two level foundation course. It comprises an interesting amalgamation of Language studies, Mass communication, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Marketing/Business Mathematics, Contemporary Society and the likes, its students gain a holistic approach to education.

Humanities and Social Sciences is failing to attract good number of students, every year the enrollment in Grade XI humanities is dwindling. Future job prospects and personal interest of students might have played role for humanities faculty being least preferred stream among SEE graduates.

Ten Plus Two (+2) Management

National Examination Board (NEB)
2 Years


The saying 'A bad son chooses commerce and a bad daughter chooses Nursing as a career’ no longer holds true today. The trend has reversed over the decade. Now, management is the preferred choice of most students.

Plus two in management course is designed to develop a strong foundation on management studies. Students learn to become competent, confident and academically sound in their area of study and will therefore have the benefit of deciding, at the end of course, what aspects of business management studies would interest them at under graduate programs. The faculty offers courses designed to deliver both theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management.

Ten Plus Two (+2) Science

National Examination Board (NEB)
2 Years

Pursuing +2 in Science is suitable for the students opting to create/join a career in the field of Science and Technology and related disciplines. 10 + 2 in science entitles a student with the eligibility to pursue a career in the field of Medicine, Engineering and other applied and theoretical natural science sectors.

  1. Computer Group: This is for the students interested in Computer and allied fields.
  2. Physical Group: This also for students opting for Engineering and allied fields of Physical Sciences.
  3. Biological Group: This is for the students interested in medicine and allied fields as well as Bio Sciences.

Plus two in Science offers an integrated package in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The program aims to equip students with a level fit for further studies in technology, medicine, engineering and biotechnology. Plus two in Science is for those students who have an aptitude for science and mathematics. This program aims to develop strong foundation in students. On completion students can pursue their further studies in medicine, engineering or other science related studies.


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