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Texas College of Management & IT, under Texas Int'l Education Network (2009), is a dynamic educational institution with outstanding academic programs  MBA, BBA, BIT( HONS) and BCS (HONS) (NT&CS) affiliated to world recognized Lincoln University, Malaysia. Texas has been founded with a set of academicians and entrepreneurs to meet the rising demand for qualified and skilled manpower in the field of Management, Science and Technology. Since its very inception, Texas remains as an invitation to learning by both theory and practice.

Vision Statement

‘To be partner of educational excellence in global community.’


  • Being a truly international business school

  • The excellence of our learning experience

  • World –class research and thinking

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Master in Business Administration(MBA)

Lincoln University
2 yeras

The Master of Business Administration (MBA)course offered by Lincoln University focuses on the development of the self-reflective mindset, the analytic mindset, the collaborative mindset, the worldly mindset and the action mindset of the graduates. The MBA course is designed for mid-career professionals, whose careers and management responsibilities transcend a single functional specialty and require a broad array of specialized knowledge and skills. The emphasis of this interdisciplinary, integrated and applied program is on the significant organizational as well as management processes of the public or private institutions doing business on a global scale.



The aim of the program is to prepare the students for senior management, executive-level positions and entrepreneurs as it helps them to acquire managerial competencies including critical thinking skills, systems thinking skills, team building skills, decision-making skills and ethical leadership skills, required for managing the affairs of a business enterprise. An MBA degree would prove to be beneficial for those, who work in senior managerial and executive positions in business organizations. An MBA program offers a range of benefits for the successful applicants, including:

Business Knowledge:

The MBA program educates the students about business and all its related aspects. Students also gain an understanding of the business strategies, business concepts and business skills.

Leadership Abilities:

An MBA program includes rigorous training sessions, assignments, presentations, group projects and discussions. Students thus acquire the essential skills, which will help them to administer the business affairs, in the professional field. Networking: The alliances that the students form with fellow students and the network that the students build up, is deemed as one of the most important and valuable aspects of an MBA program.

MBA at Texas

  • Expanded Leadership Development and Engaging Experiential Learning

  • Networking Opportunities and Employer Information Sessions

  • Mentorship

  • Case Competitions

  • Career Fairs

  • Career Advancement Assistance

  • Embracing a Global Approach

  • Unique and Customizable Concentrations


Lincoln University
3 years

This program offers a unique opportunity to learn about specialist security techniques and use real-world networking equipment in a security context.  Students are also educated about market-leading Cisco Routing & Switching Techniques, security appliances, ethical hacking techniques, vulnerability analysis, and penetration testing and data encryption technology.

This program also offers flexibility in the final year; with optional units including areas such as Server Windows 2008, Exchange, Administration and Varied Catalog of Linux Administration/Unix Shell Scripting / Emerging Web Technologies and Cloud Computing/SAP Administration.
Why Choose Us?

  • - Embedded systems laboratories to develop real-time systems and we also offer training regarding the development of hardware as well as resources with the help of advanced software development as well as simulation tools.

  • - We provide state-of-the-art facilities for, systems analysis, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and business intelligence and also to support the application areas of mechatronics, games technology and computer forensics and our laboratory is also well equipped.


Computer systems and network, establishes link between people and businesses on a global scale. Business and industry is dependent on diverse network technologies and there is a high demand for professionals for designing as well as efficiently managing network systems.

Our technology-infused course comprises technology, security and networking modules and thus offers diverse job opportunities for students. We also emphasize on the installation, operation, security and maintenance of computer systems as well as networks as far as business and industry is concerned.

The course will equip the students with the essential skills for designing, implementing and managing systems effectively to ensure that people benefits from the use of these systems. This learning will also help the students to manage, design, implement, configure and operate secure networks on a professional footing and identify the threats to network security and formulate and implement defense strategies and mechanisms.


Lincoln university
3 years

This course aims to provide the fundamentals information technology, methodological and implementation issues of IT-related subjects. This course is both highly technical and people-orientated. The course focuses on scientific and technical areas related to software, network, web, database and internet services, along with areas such as management, communications and human behavior. The student through this course will gain in-depth knowledge and be prepared for jobs in the information technology profession. In addition, graduates will display effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgment and ethical and social understanding.


The program aims to give knowledge with depth and accuracy of the impact of information technology within an organization, with society at large, and a detailed appreciation of the impact of information technology on the global scale. The students are taught to achieve their academic goals by engaging in scholarly activities related to economic development of the region through partnerships with industry, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The objective is to apply the knowledge to help the society to develop in a positive way.

Bachelor in Business Administration(BBA)

Lincoln University
4 years

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme was developed to reflect that the world of education is becoming increasingly global.  The BBA program is designed for those desirous of pursuing a challenging career in business and innovation management. The students shall be trained in numerous disciplines, viz., marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, business law, psychology and other indispensable skills considered essential to become a competent manager. It combines strong functional training with intensive exposure to communication skills, computer applications, plus other social sciences and applied sciences.

Specifically the program aims to:

• Equip students with well-developed analytical, conceptual, quantitative, and human skills.
• Nurture positive attitude and self-confidence, ability to lead and work in teams and take responsibility and understanding of business ethics.
• Nurture and develop professional communication skills in students.
• Provide an opportunity to develop specific knowledge and skills in accordance with one’s interest and talent.


Notice Section

Admission Open For BBA,MBA,BIT,BCS(NT&CS)
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