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Today, Trinity International College is the leading college in Nepal for +2 and A Levels. The College offers qualitative +2 programmes and Cambridge International A Levels at the higher secondary stage. It also runs programmes at the graduate and post-graduate levels - Tribhuvan University BSc CSIT, BBS, and BA as well as MA (English).

We provide the best available higher learning and all-round opportunities to all our students, invariably the best in the country, as they aspire to realize their personal talents and to expand their scholastic abilities. Our organization concentrates, first and foremost, upon academics supplemented with extracurricular and co-curricular activities. It also places great emphasis on personal development and individual counseling linked to course studies and career guidance and invites parental participation.

Trinity stands for academic accomplishment. It has an environment that fosters academic achievement. Student requirement and academic support go hand in hand. The College has a state-of-the-art infrastructure along with a reputed faculty. This educational establishment is managed by a devoted team of professionals advised by outstanding national and foreign advisors.

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GCE A- Level

Cambridge University
2 Years

Trinity International College delivers the best available A Level instruction alongside  all-round educational opportunities. It concentrates upon fulfilling the needs of pupils to enhance their success in CIE examinations and university studies.

At Trinity, students normally take a two-year course i.e. AS in year 1 (3 - 5 subjects) and then take 3 subjects at A2 Level in the second year. Additional tuition is offered as a part of the course for science practical examinations and for course work completion where applicable. The college ensures that students complete homework and coursework when they are not in lessons, as well as receiving additional assistance from their tutors.

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Tribhuwan University
4 Years

Bachelor of Business studies is the four year degree program conducted by Tribhuvan University, faculty of Management. It is annual exam based program. The main objective of BBS is to develop students into dynamic managers having ability to handle responsibility in every sector.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Tribhuwan University
3 Years

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program of Tribhuvan University prepares students for entry-level practice in social work. Social Work is one of the helping professions committed to improving people's lives.


Tribhuwan University
4 years

BSc CSIT is the best industry-focused computer course in Nepal that builds a strong foundation in computer & information technologies to tackle emerging IT trends.

This programme provides a broad education in all core areas of Computer Science and Information Technology. It allows students the flexibility to pursue individual interests in higher-level areas including programming, data structures & algorithms, operating systems, and software engineering. It provides them sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge enabling them to solve complex or new problems of the IT industry.

CSIT develops the latest generation of professionals who can find and use opportunities in a fast changing virtual world and give innovative solutions. Graduates become internationally acceptable experts who contribute much to society because of strength and know-how they gain in this field.

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Tribhuwan University
4 Years

Bachelor of Business Management(BBM)course designed by the Faculty of Management(FOM), Tribhuvan University,for would-be business and managerial professionals.

BBM graduates obtain the knowledge & skills to handle effectively and confidently the continuously changing national and global business environment marked by intense competition & dynamism.

A newly launched 4-year 8-semester course, the BBM covers 120 credit hours while each semester comprises 16 weeks of concentrated study.

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA )

Tribhuwan University
4 Years

A 4-year 8-semester programme, Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) utilizes concepts of information technology to solve complex or new problems of the industry. BCA is a popular course for careers in IT as it meets student backgrounds career aspirations.

The course provides understanding & skills about the use of computers and their application. This flexible programme allows students to delve into data structures & algorithms, operating systems, programming & software engineering. It provides them sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge by building a range of competencies.

BCA develops the latest generation of professionals who can utilize opportunities in a fast changing virtual world and find innovative solutions. Graduates can become internationally acceptable experts contributing much to society their fields because of their learning proficiency.


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